Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons
Wouldn't you like to fly in my beautiful balloon? What about sitting on the couch and looking at it? These balloons are perfect for indoor flights of fancy!
available in red, yellow, green, blue and rainbow
"Royal Aero" (pictured in rainbow on left) measures 12½ inches wide, 22 inches tall
"Travels Light" (pictured in blue on center) measures 7 inches wide, 11¾ inches tall
"Floating the Sky" (pictured in green on right) measures 3⅛ inches wide, 5¼ inches tall
lightweight and easy to hang

Royal Aero: $100.00
Travels Light: $48.00
Floating the Sky: $25.00

Also available: Hot Air Balloon mobile

for orders/enquiries click here or phone 617.864.8188
Joie de Vivre, Cambridge, Massachusetts