July! We will celebrate our country's independence on the 4th, French Independence on the 14th — and of course every day we celebrate being a small and independent business. We'll also be running our annual summer SALE — which features odds and ends, discontinued items and things we loved so much we ordered just a little too many of — beginning on July 1st and ending on last day of August. Plus, we do have to make room for the new things we are about to present to you now.

We have some new "Creature Cups" — mugs with surprises inside — a little dinosaur, octopus, bunny, dragon or shark with your morning coffee? Maybe you'd rather have another kind of shark — we have a new pillow you can cuddle up with. Sharks lead us to swimming which leads us to a wonderful new book — The Joy of Swimming. It's hot enough to go swimimng now, and we have our "Dali" clock to prove it. We have a great new Star Trek mug from the Unemployed Philosophers, and a nifty little batman flashlight, new cards and a very summer appropriate notepad from Gemma Correll, and from a new company called Frog and Toad, some fun new iron on patches, as well as a bit of advice on life in the form of a print. California Creations has revived an old puzzle called the Missing link, and another nod to the past — our wonderful new "Campervan Moodlight" — a color changing VW Van.

We have new baby feisty pets, and tiny little stretchy squishing animals that are, as "they" sometimes say, too cute for comfort. We have some new ABC card sets and a very official set of certificates from the tooth fairy, as well as soap disguised as a goldfish in a bag. We also found some new jewelry — it looks like seaglass but is actually "Smart Glass" — sandblasted and made from wine and beer bottles. J. David studios brings us some raku rattles, The School of Life brings us a box of poems and a box of untranslatable words, and from Dreams USA — an "eggsciting" breakfast — a game involving frying pans and eggs! We have great new pop-up cards from the Museum of Modern Art line, and three new "Incredibuilds" model sets — build your own Eiffel Tower, Arc du Triomphe or Empire State building. Each one comes with a very interesting informative book too. There's going to be a total solar eclipse in March and we're selling viewing glasses and a little book about it — (70% here in Boston on August 21st). Last but not least at all — two favorite new things — the Wobblo — a small unprecitable ball — and black and white art prints and cards by British artist Joann Ham — if you like rabbits and you like silhouettes, you are in for a major treat!

This newsletter has gotten rather long, but we do want to add one thing. As "we" meaning me, your faithful writer, will have been running Joie de Vivre for officially half "our" meaning my life in July 27th, we are going to have a little celebration and you will receive a separate notice of that shortly. In the meantime, please note that we will be closed on July 4th! Thanks for reading and see you soon!