It's January, and we are going to do something we've never done before — as we are about to travel off to shows to find new, exciting and fun items for you, and until we do that, we don't have a lot of new things to tell you about here, we are going to do a first ever recap of the ten most popular items of 2017. Popular new items actually — all time classic popular items like our Rainbow Maker and Buddha Board have been disqualified from the list. But first there are two new items we want to make sure you don't miss — our very last minute December arrivals: Bernie and Elizabeth, and our related card game — the News Game.

Now on to our list.
Item One: the Dance Like Russia isn't watching t-shirt. We sold a lot of these, (and some were purchased by amused Russian tourists!)
Item Two: Feisty Pets. We almost didn't order these — walked right by them at the Toy Fair thinking — oh — more big eyed animals... nope! And then happily, we walked by again when someone was playing with them and realized there was a little something more to them than we thought.
Item Three: Squish Balls. Just irrresistibly squishy.
Item Four: Kritterklip ears. We found these "klip" on ears at the Gift Show this summer, and they instantly became a favorite — everyone looks good in them!
Item Five: The fidget spinner. This item has probably had its day, but at the height of its popularity, they were flying — flying off the shelves.
Item Six: The mini karaoke machine — download the free app, pick up your phone, and sing your heart out.
Item Seven: Ruth Bader Ginsburg finger pupper. She's magnetic, has sparkling green earrings and judging by sales, is more loved than ever. (And we also had a wonderful "children's book" bio that was very popular.)
Item Eight: Dystopian Cocktail Napkins. Someone posted these on Facebook somewhere in the middle of the country mentioning our name and we were deluged with telephone orders. (You local customers loved them too. And we can see why!)
Item Nine: Blue Q Protest Socks — all their funny socks sold well, but this new design went right to the top.
And Item Ten: a Joie favorite — the wonderful Wobblo — an elegantly unpredictable little plastic donut perfect for desk... or bonus, an excellent cat toy.

Runners up? Strong is the New Pretty and the new wooden Zen Puzzles.

In other news — for the first two weeks of January, we will continue our holiday sale — all Christmas merchandise will be 40% off. Then toward the middle of the month, things will get romantic around here when our valentines will start to arrive.

Last, but far far from least — we wish you a happy, healthy, rewarding, and fun 2018!
See you soon!