Where to start? June is a busy month filled with momentous occasions from graduations to Father's Day to International Mud Day (and we have the perfect book to help you celebrate that!) Just on June 28th there's Tapioca Day, Insurance Awareness Day, Paul Bunyan Day and — our favorite celebration — Joie de Vivre's birthday. We're turning 33 and while we're wondering how so many years could possibly have gone by, we're happy we're still standing. Now, on to our monthly list of new items!

Maybe we'll start small and work our way up. We now have the world's smallest Gumby and Pokey, the world's smallest Barbie Doll, the world's smallest Polaroid Camera, and the return of the world's smallest Etch-a-Sketch and Rubik's Cube. We have a new smaller version of magnetic Bucky Balls called Speks, And, we have three new blind box selections — Hamster and hedgehog drink markers and finally some dogs — Ryan's Fancy Pets! Speaking of pets... new styles of our Feisty pet gang. Glitter frames are back in a big way, and we also have a floating frame that makes any photo look like a polaroid print, and though it doesn't actually float, we have a new sailboat salt and pepper set, And for ocean lovers, we have a beautiful starfish serving platter, a shark olive dish and some little fishy serving dishes.

Our former "extend-a-fork" has morphed into the "Freeloader Fork" and it's just as much fun as before. We also have new Superman and Wonder Woman mugs — good for those hardworking graduates — and we have a fun little "off to the races" galloping horse toy. And try our new Unicorn nail polish — very glittery, especially in the light of our new Solar glass fairy house garden light. Our white rabbit music box plays a rather unusual tune, and we also have a new Disco Lotus light (yes, you read that right) and some fun new "moon" and "street" balls. We have a paper "Once Upon a Time" garland made from the pages of illustrated children's books, a desktop croquet set for those boring afternoons at work, a game of Charades and yet another great t-shirt from Headlines that we think Kristiana Parn's new raccoons will thoroughly approve of. Last, Demeter fragrance has three really excellent new scents — Thunderstorm, Mountain Air, and possibly their best one ever — Kitten Fur!

We also want to mention a little something that happened at the end of May... we got to use a few of our 15 minutes of fame when we were featured on the television program Chronicle! (They were doing a piece about our neighborhood and spend a few hours here. It was fun, and if you want to take a look, here is the link.) Guess that's all for now, and hope to see you soon!