We have fall... en into October! T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month, but we'd like to nominate October - so beautiful, and yet we know what's coming (we speak of the cold, dark, winter) But — we're excited that a week from today, the fabulous HONK parade will pass right by our door — always a fun time — and then, we can begin to think about dressing up for Halloween. And we also have lots of new things to tickle your fancy, starting with... our new unicorn travel pillow! Or is it our new rainbow travel pillow — you decide! And, we have a mini Unicorn piņata, filled with charms and prizes, and two new puppets — a dragon in a turret and somewhat less romantically, a picnicking rat in a garbage can! We have a new flamingo planter, two new aquatic themed flip books — flying fish and a whale, and from Japan, some "Pop-up Animal Objects!" We have two fun new wall mount key holders, a cat and an owl, and also new, a "Make your own iceberg/popsicle" Penguin. And, a nice set of colorful reusable ice cubes from Kikkerland Design along with new New Yorker cartoon drink coasters, and a set of 4 "Silhouette" black and white plates.

Ian Nicholas has new wall pieces, we have a wonderful 360 Degree book, "Earth and the Moon," and a fascinating new book on photography, ostensibly aimed at kids, but possibly even more interesting for adults. We have a new collection of painted pewter deer and foxes from Bavarian Pewter (in business since 1796!!) and we have a new poster — 100 Classic movies — scratch them off as you watch to reveal a clever image associated with each film. Back again are Zen Puzzles — beautiful wooden puzzles, now at lower prices than last year, though still made in Northampton MA (how did they do that?) Last, we have some cute squishy mushrooms, a message in a bottle for you to send out to sea, and an excellent "house rules" sign.

And then there's Halloween. New this year — light up candy corn necklaces, a light up eyeball headband, a bat/cat salt and pepper shakers, a treat bowl, and a hanging globe filled with bats, light-up eyeball rings, puffer ghosts, a spinning pumpkin wand and light up pumpkin boxing pens. Crazy Aaron has made two special Halloween puttys — Scaredy Cat and Jack-0-Lantern. And we have moving eyeball rings, wind-up ghost and glow in the dark wind-up eyeball, and as they say ... and more!

And... in case it doesn't go without saying, we'd love to see costumed trick or treaters — there will be treats! See you soon!