Welcome to February, the shortest month of the year, and the one in which we celebrate Goundhog Day, love, Presidents, and black history month. We'll start out by telling you about some of our newest items and since as we write, we've just seen the State of the Union address, we'll begin with our new giant stress ball. It's giant, it's fun, and and can help out with all kinds of stress. And stay in fighting shape with the Ruth Bader Ginsbug exercise book — very inspiring. We also have some yoga items — a set of cat magnets and three posing dogs. And more for dog lovers, "Fetch" a very cute bottle opener a new dish towel from the folks at Blue Q — who also sent us another new dish towel and some new socks.

And the Unemployed PHilosophers have new securlar saint candles — Lincoln, Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt — illustrious company indeed. We have a new double sided sandpainting, and two new totes, I Kant Even, and one from local boy Ralph Waldo Emerson. For the younger set, a cute dinosaur rattle and a brand new onesie. We have a bar of meteor shower soap, some new wood keyrings, a lightbox keychain, and two new clocks from Allen Design, "Kit-tea" and Bessie the Cow. And an assortment of new prints from Dug Nap and new Epherema magnets. And a suave new singing bear, Tony Broadway.

And then, for those of you with sweetheats or beloved friends and family — there's Valentines Day. Show your love with our flashing heart keychain, our fluttering wind-up heart, or test your love with the new Kissing Love Tester. If you want to be very sincere, our new message jigsaw puzzles might be for you, or our heart trivet coaster set. We also have new singing animals to help you serenade, Beary Smooth, Gerry the Giraffee, and Special Delievery Ted. Paper wizard David Carter has a great pop-up book, we have a "Tree of Love" 300 piece jigsaw puzzle, a new LOVE puzzle from Knock Knock, magnetic frames to frame your love in pink or red, and a Love scrabble themed magnet set. Then there's our Wee Forest Folk, the talking Princess Bridge Book and of course lots and lots of cards.

So, that wraps it up for February. We have 4 shows to attend this month, so we'll have even more to report in March. In the meantime, we'd just like to say — Roses are red, Violets are blue, This isn't Fake News, We appreciate you!