The days are getting longer, the Easter Bunny has come and gone — it's spring, right? It's definitely April, the month of fools and patriots. We missed April Fools Day this year as we were closed for Easter, but we basically have April Fool every day at Joie de Vivre — there's hardly ever a day when we don't have a customer approach the desk to tell us there's a spilled coffee on the front counter. We also have a new and very convincing log cushion that might fool a few as well as provide you with a comfortable seat. Our new elephant pillow is also pretty comfortable as well as quite handsome. The fun pop-up "Modgy" vases we mentioned in the last newsletter finally arrived on March 28th! Then... of course there's more!

We have two excellent new toys — a remote controlled snake, and a dancing robot, both satisfyingly silly and fun. We also found some animated, musical alarm clocks at the Toy Fair — an aquarium that wakes you up with swimming fish, a train, and a carousel. We have a solar shark, and from Fred, a new sharks tooth brush/comb. Kikkerland has a triple tea timer we really like, and some lenticular playing cards that — warning — might distract you from your poker game. CoolSnowglobes has a beautiful new "eclipse" globe — all black and glittery, and we also have some new desk pieces — one that is a photo frame and a vase or catch-all, and one that holds notes, cards and pens (or plants...) Then there's our Perspective card box from the School of Life — cards to contemplate when you need a longer view of things — and new books — Baking with Kafka, the fascinating Brief Histories of Everyday Objects, and the definitive photographic collection of take out Coffee Lids. For dog lovers, a ceramic wall hanging from Spooner Creek that we think will make you in agreement.

And... we have new baby t shirts that might give our current favorite "silently judging you" a run for the money, and new blind boxes: hamster on mushroom, standing cat, Shiba Inu dog — and — competition for the cat bonnetrabbit ears for kitties! We have new glittery mini emergency kits that hold 17 different things you might really need, and a very well designed cup and stand for your bathroom or office — Kobito. We have rocks that grow basil or cacti, mathstick gardens and some new "Chuppons" aka animals with plants growing out of their backpacks. We have a geologic time mug from our Unemployed Philosopher friends, and a new company that brings us a rabbit cheeseboard, swedish dishclothes, and a box and pencil cup that are decorated with — let's just say "here's looking at you, customers!"

And that's all for now. We will as always, update you about other new arrivals on our facebook page — and while we're waiting for May flowers, we'll look forward to seeing those of you who live in these parts up close and personal!