November Greetings! It's Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month! Let's celebrate! Or, on second thought, maybe we'd rather concentrate on National Picture Book month. We have a wonderful new illustrated biography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and we are also very excited to have the new book by the talented artist (and social commentator) Rox Chast, Going Into Town. And... we have lots of other new things to share with you. Continuing on with books, we have a special edition of the Princess Bride — quite abridged, but it recites ten of its best lines when opened. Then there's the talking Bobble head Bob Ross, complete with mini portfolio of — beautiful paintings. For those who really like to read the classics, a new 100 Essential Novels Poster — scratch them off to reveal cover when read. (For those less literary, we have the 99 Bottles of Beer scratch off poster — drink your choice, and scratch off the list.) And also new in posters — the Chart of Notable Horse Breeds.

Kikkerland has a new solar Thomas Edison — he collects light during the day, and his bulb lights up at night, also a magnetic three minute timer, mini snow globe keychains and a handy wood dimmer light switch. We have two lovely birchwood platters — Stone and Wood, by Cose Nuove in Sweden, along with their charming wooden cat puzzle — fit the kitties into the frame (hint — more than one solution.) We have a heart shaped hot water bottle, and for dog lovers, Spooner Creek Design has a handy photo frame/leash holder and a warning sign for those with both a dog and a cat. They also have signs featuring a little ode to coffee and a shout out to men with small dogs. Pink Cloud brings us some wonderful indoor/outdoor thermometers — so you can keep track of just how cold it gets this winter, plus a lovely snowy owl clock. For those who prefer their clocks more on the modern side, we have a great new minimalist clock from London's Ginkgo Design — very elegant, we think. But we're not forgetting the goofy. Squishy Avocado keychains, excellent new desk signs, a hand squirrel puppet, and Unicorn lights are all new, as well as a hedgehog tea infuser, and perhaps the silliest thing we've had for awhile — Face Coasters! Sure to enliven any event — we promise. We also have new blind boxes (elephants drink markers, cats drink markers, yoga cat key rings, and cats in a blanket), a Fidget ring, and — just in time to throw in the punch bowl at the next party, the color changing floating Koi, which also is fun in the bath. Last but not least — we have something that goes way back in time — a Chinese Checkers set. We recently played a game, and it's really strategic and fun. (And we managed to beat a nine year old — just barely.)

As for November Holidays, we'll be open on Veterans Day, and closed on Thanksgiving. Our holiday merchandise will start sneaking its way out on the floor around the middle of the month (check our facebook page for updates) and by then, we should also have all our boxed Christmas cards in stock as well — click here for a sneak preview!) The full Christmas experience begins the day after Thanksgiving. We look forward to seeing you before or after. It's been a difficult year for many of us in our country, and we're looking forward to remembering and giving thanks for the good — which of course, includes all you, our beloved customers! See you soon!