polepole animals
polepole animals
These creatures are designed by a Japanese artist, and made in Indonesia out of an incredibly light natural wood that we've never heard of before, falcata. Loving attention has been paid to both detail and design, from the points of their ears to the tip of their tails — each one hand-carved and sanded. And that's all very interesting — but what's really important about them? Their cuteness and charm!

$16.00 each

also available:
(we often have other polepoles — please ask us if you don't see the animal you are looking for!)

Elephant polepole zebra polepole Seal polepole Penguin polepole Polar bear polepole

Tapir polepole Anteater polepole Capybara polepole Sloth polepole Turtle polepole

Owl polepole Rabbit pole pole Deer polepole Squirrel polepole Hedgehog polepole raccoon polepole

Donkey polepole Frog polepole cow polepole Sheep polepole Duck polepole

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